Help Preserve Classic Naval Aircraft

It is a surprise to some that all carrier-bourne aircraft – rotary and fixed wing – are flown by Navy, not RAF, pilots. The Royal Navy has a long and illustrious history of projecting air power beyond the reach of conventional land-based aircraft, and can operate regardless of airfield and infrastructure availability. From the early days, when wood and canvas biplanes first took to the air from converted cargo vessels, carriers and the aircraft that they support have evolved into some of the largest and most sophisticated machines ever built.

The Fly Navy Heritage Trust, under their brand of ‘Navy Wings’, raises money to keep important historic Naval aircraft in the skies - including the last flying Sea Vixen as well as the Sea Fury and the iconic Fairey Swordfish - to help tell the full story of Naval aviation, as a focus for remembrance, and to inspire future generations. 

The Navy Wings collection includes the last flying Sea Vixen as well as the Sea Fury and the iconic Fairey Swordfish as well as other important associate aircraft which help tell the full story of Naval Aviation. Navy Wings are a realatively small charity, and every penny raised really does go directly to their restoration work and keeping the engineering skills necessary to work on them alive. 

To contribute, please visit our donations page, or consider purchasing one of our exclusive, limited-edition Sea Vixen prints (a royalty from the sale of each will be donated to Navy Wings).